This section is dedicated to the businesses that Sponsor ReAnimateHer & her channel. ReAnimateHer only works with products & businesses she believes in. All of the products she endorses she uses herself. If you are interested in becoming apart of the sponsorship program please feel free to Contact RAH herself.

Gamer Supps Sponsorship

Gamer Supps is a clean source of Energy for your body & mind. This delicious drink is healthy for you with no crashes and zero jitters. If you are unable to have most energy drinks due to sugars, taurine and other bad ingredients then look no further! Keto friendly & Gluten Free Energy how can you go wrong?

I stand behind this product as a User and as a influencer. For someone who can not have energy drinks due to crashes and most have gluten. I am able to drink this with no health issues.

Make sure to use Code: ReAnimateHer to save 10% off of your purchase. As well each purchase made also helps RAH! Gamer Supps

Gamer Goo Antiperspirant Sponsorship

Do your hands sweat when gaming? Chillen having a great game and your palms are sweaty so you have to keep wiping your hands on you shirt or pants?? Have no shame as ReAnimateHer does not! She uses her Gamer Goo which is an amazing antiperspirant for your hands!

Want to purchase some for yourself? Gamer Goo Make sure you use Code: REANIMATE for 10% savings!!

RAH has several give-aways a month for this product so if you would like to check it out make sure you stop by her stream when she is live and enter yourself into a give away!

ReAnimateHer Ice ShakersIce Shakers is an amazing way to keep your Cold Drinks cold and your Hot drinks super Hot! ReAnimateHer is sponsored by Ice Shakers who you may have seen on Shark Tank. If you would love to support RAH & have one of her shakers you can do so here Ice Shakers