My First Blog Welcome

Hello and welcome to the dark cavern that I call my mind. I am not a writer by any means but I am trying to change that. So please bare with me as I stumble through being a blogger. If you are already familiar with who I am keep on a readin. But if you are new here I may suggest checking out my About Me.

I am not going to lie as I am a little nervous writing as writing is not my thing. Unless it is in my topic secret journals haha. In which I have tons around my house of my ramblings, thoughts and more. This blog you will get to read some of my adventures in being a Horror Creator, my daily thoughts on life and more. My reviews are not going to be formal or try to persuade you to buy something. Just my honest thoughts.

I can not promise this will be a daily or even weekly blog. Only time will tell as I am very busy creating my dream career as a Horror Content Creator in this crazy industry. I will however promise to some fun and insightful stuff to come your way if you want to read about it.

So I am sitting here writing this out while eating chicken fingers I do love chicken man. I have to leave here in an hour then come back and do a live stream on Twitch. I always hate being late for streams or even rescheduling streams but sometimes it has to happen.

Chicken Fingers anyone?

Today I have to take my cat Socks to the vet for a glucose test to see if her insulin is working out for her. She has only been on insulin for 2 weeks. I never honestly thought that any of my cats would have this disease, like why would you even think that? lol anyways it has been rough on me with having to give her insulin even though I know it is for her own good. I feel like a bad furrbaby momma but I know this stuff is needed for her to live a some what normal life in her old age. Unlike Paul (this is my moose of a cat) he is overweight and on a diet, she is older and skinny so her diabetes is from age. She is the daughter of my elder kitty Kit Kat and it is so strange that Kit Kat (Kitta) is much older but Socks looks older and the one who has diabetes.

OMFG I just deleted this whole thing I wrote by accident as I am not used to writing out these type of things using blocks. I almost choked on some chicken!!! Whew thank the goddess that wordpress as has a undo button as I almost sat here and cried, the sheer panic shot through my body.

I think that is enough of my ramblings for this afternoon…by the way my chicken fingers were delicious. I will however write another blog and introduce to you my furrbabies so make sure to keep those peepers peeled for that. Until next time Creep It Real!

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