In The Tall Grass Review

Based on Stephen King and Joe Hill’s novella of the same name, In The Tall Grass follows a pair of siblings that are inseparable who wind up being trapped in a nightmare of grass after trying to help a young boy who cries for help.

Siblings Becky and Cal DeMuth travel to San Diego so that 6-months-pregnant Becky can give up her baby for adoption. While stopping outside an old church, the pair hears a young boy named Tobin call for help from a nearby field of tall grass. They later hear his mother, Natalie, begging him not to call for anyone. Concerned, the pair enters but quickly gets separated and finds that their distance from one another changes strangely. Increasingly panicked, the pair decides to leave but are unable to locate the road.

Without going any further on spoilers for you we will stop here and discuss what my thoughts are on this movie.

I found that the movie started off strong and kept me interested I wanted to know what happened next. Towards the middle of the movie, it started to drag on but still kept me interested in what was going to happen next. As the movie goes on there are tons of twists and turns that keep you engaged. The story goes on to other characters in the movie and how they ended up where they are. I was able to relate to the characters in this movie as well.

The fact that there is an unseen boogyman plays a big role for me as my imagination gets to run wild here. This movie kept me guessing throughout on who the bad guy was and what it was about.

I do feel the ending was a little rushed but still a very good movie. I rate this movie a 3/5 Limbs. I do highly suggesting this movie as it is worth your time and it is a Stephen King & Joe hill novella so you can not go wrong here.

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