My online persona is ReAnimateHer but my friends call me Kat I am a mother of 2 and grandma of 3 well soon to be 3! I live in Alberta Canada where the Winter’s are super cold and the Summer’s are dry as a desert. I am married to a wonderful man we call HeavyMetal.

I started my career in content creation late in 2016 on a website called Beam which is now Mixer. When I started content creation I thought this would be a fun hobby to kill time with and get to play video games. It turned into much more than a hobby. I fell in love with creating live content that I wanted to do this full time. I was working 44 hours a week and streaming in the evenings 5 days a week. I was willing to sacrifice television shows and social life in order to create live content.

In March 2019 I obtained an amazing job that allowed me to work from home which then gave me time to create content and grow. June 2019 came rolling around and I was laid off and was not sure what I was going to do. I really loved creating content for people to enjoy but I was torn between in obtaining a 9-5 job or do I tough it out and try to make a go with content creation.

After some discussions with HeavyMetal we decided to give it a GO!! So here we are doing our thing and creating content on a full-time basis. Now live or recorded content creation is not easy and takes long staking hours that are normally unpaid. But we are doing it and we are doing it with the awesome help of the Horde!

What is this Horde you speak of? The Horde is my community, my friends & family of the internet. People that I hang out with on a regular basis, friends that support me not only on a financial level but on an emotional and mental level. They are my friends and I am truly blessed to have some of the best people surrounding me.

Why not check out my Instagram for more awesome photos!!