Creature Feature xBatmanGodessx

Hello horde! It is an honor to be the creature feature this week. You all know me as xBatmanGoddessx but y’all can also call me Kirstin if you’d like. I am married to a wonderful man that goes by the name 26Ninjas (76 as RAH would say) & I have a beautiful baby boy named Leon who we all know and love! I recently graduated university with a major in psychology and a minor in human development! Not to mention I have moved to a new city far from my family to start a new life with my husband and son. It’s scary but it’s nice to have a place to call our own.

I remember the first time I visited RAH’s stream over on mixer. She was streaming Friday the 13th: The game. I recall commenting and her community was so very welcoming and loving. This made me feel like I was one of them and I stayed ever since. I believe it’s coming up three years since I’ve met RAH and I can say I will always cherish my friendship with her. I was proud to become a part of the horde. Eventually down the road RAH and Regal asked me if I would like to mod and I have NEVER done it before. I was very pregnant and they still gave me the opportunity to do so. I am still doing it even to this day and I love it! Just the fact that I get to spend time with the horde and help rah out when she needs it, is very rewarding and it helps me with my social skills. I will say RAH’s mod team is the best of the best and it’s an honor to work with them. Another fact about me is, I am overall a quiet and chill person but once you get me in a game of Overwatch or Dead by Daylight I will rage for days. Those games really grind my gears when the team you are with sucks balls.

Lastly, I love horror. Not as much as RAH does but I do enjoy a scary flick every now and then. I love Freddy Krueger, Ghostface, and Michael Myers. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I hope that everyone has a safe new year and I love your guts!

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