Creature Feature Reaper1923

Hello everyone, My name is Reaper1923.

My name came from Diablo Reaper of Souls and the numbers are completely random. I have been using computers & playing video games since the very early days , I think that makes me first generation computer user and video game player. I do enjoy watching classic Horror movies. I’m not a slasher fan, but more of the psychological horror. My favorite genre of movies are science fiction. My 2 favorite ones are the Original Blade Runner and The Crow. The crow I love for the visuals and Blade Runner was the first to make me think about superhumans. My favorite Horrors are Hellraiser and The Exorcist as they broke so much ground.

I have Owned and used the following computers and game consoles: Sinclair Zx81, Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga A500, A500p, A600, A1200, Cd32 Atari 2600, Atari STFM, Atari jaguar, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Mega CD, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Game Gear Nintendo Super SNES, N64, GameCube, Switch, Sony PlayStation 1 through 5, PSP, VITA, Microsoft Xbox, xbox360, Xbox one, Xbox one x, Xbox series x, Xbox series s, and various PC`s and Laptops.

I joined twitch by pure accident, my friend talked me into joining twitch and at the time I did not get it. I thought it was weird that you would watch gamers play games, which I thought was stupid at the the time. So I watched various streams and the streamers were younger than me and I did not really have anything in common with them, so I was going to quit twitch and delete my account. But this is the thing…..amongst all these younger streamers there was an older streamer called Cranky Canuck. I joined his stream, watched and said nothing for months. I loved it and never left, i became a regular viewer and the rest is history.

For anyone who does not know, I have been working on Coffee Chat of horrors with Reanimateher from the very beginning. I do the screens you see on the stream for RAH. Coffee Chat of Horrors takes me a couple of days to put together the screens for the show, which includes finding source images, concept and design. “Which Does not Include ReAnimateHers research. The source files are normally between 50 to 100 Files. The shows are done normally weeks or months in advance. I love working on Coffee Chat of Horrors with ReAnimateher for the Horde.

I met Reanimateher through a great friend of mine and that is Cranky Canuck who sadly, passed away. Cranky is the reason that coffee chat of horrors is even a thing. I met ReAnimateHer in Cranky’s channel and we bonded ever since. He was one of the best streamers on Twitch and then went to Beam/Mixer. He did one of the best Chat show streams and was a well loved and respected man by many streamers and viewers alike. I had the great honour and privilege to work on his stream doing what is known as The Reaper Report for him. “Cranky’s Reaper Report” was a cosplay section of his stream which everyone loved.

The Reaper Report was created by pure accident! Back when cranky streamed, there was discussion about if all video game and comic book characters could be sexy, so as part of this discussion I found a sexy female cosplay picture of RoadHog from Overwatch which blew everyone away. This lead to his community asking if I had anymore pictures, which I did. I sent them to Cranky and he coined the term “The Reaper Report”. I called it “Cranky’s Reaper Report” (Today, its still known as both, which is pretty cool.) We hit Pure Streaming Gold and the rest is history!

I have been posting Cranky’s Reaper Report since 2016. First reports were with a Samsung S2 mobile phone and then a Samsung Tablet. Today the report is a little more higher tech, as I use various laptops including gaming and surface computers. I post Cranky’s Reaper Report 7 days a week with a minimum of 5 cosplays per day on Twitter and Discord. They include Body Painting, Tattoos, funny stuff and of course Cosplay.

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