Creature Feature

The Creature Feature is a weekly spotlight of members from the Horde. These are special creatures from The Horde where we put the spotlight on them for 1 full week. You are able to check out previous members of The Creature Feature as well!!!

DevilDog Creature Feature Horde Member

DevilDog0341Va is the type of person that helps anyone out. When he is not outside with my fur baby he can be caught on ReAnimateHer’s channel catching up on all the great horror. His top 3 favorite channels/streamers are of course ReAnimateHer, Metrobirdman, Sykoplayz, Lady Shockz and Bamashockz. He loves gaming period, some of his favs are dbd, sod,Bl3 and Rage 2 at the moment. DevilDog loves horror and Syfy especially the old movies with Vincent Price, Borus Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Peter Lorre. But watch the newer ones to.