Creature Feature kaycampb6

Hiya, kaycampb6 here (brown hair in pic)! My name is Kayla or, as most of you know me, Kay. I have been with the Horde now for a couple of years and even got the privilege of working with the Crypt Keepers for awhile until life got busy. I do not stream, but I do still spend way too much time gaming. My favorite game by far is Dead By Daylight.

IRL I am currently in college to become a middle level (4th-8th grade) Math/Science teacher; just one more semester left until I graduate! I’ve spent my entire 25 years of life in Texas and don’t plan on ever changing that. I spend my days with my amazing girlfriend of 5 years and our 3 cats; I also have a really cute dog, he just doesn’t live with me currently. Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me!

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