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Hello everyone,

As some of you may know I am the horror content creator by the name of K1NGDRE4D but my real name is Brandon. Horror has always been a big part of my life even at a young age. I have always been intrigued by the creativity there is in the horror genre so I decided to take my skills and interest and create a horror world of my own on Twitch.
Everything you see on my stream is custom made by myself from the imagery and videos all the way to the intro scene tracks that play. All this work is done from my online company “Killer Nerd Creations” I started back in 2017.

I do support underground musicians in my stream as well so in my chat and ending scenes I have the band “MERCURY” playing to show my love for this awesome Death Grunge band. I love to create art of all forms; graphics, music and even acting. Outside of this I am also a fulltime dad of two boys and love my family. For 17 years I have been a musician and played in a few bands over the years. I have either played rhythm or lead guitar and just within the last 4 years started doing vocals as well.

I have been in projects in the Arkansas area such as WORN, Depravity and Circles of Aeon as well as done solo work. So, I get around as far as the entertainment industry goes lol, I also love tattoos and I am working on a horror sleeve that I am ready to finish.

Born and raised in South Arkansas, I grew up with two younger siblings. Creepy story to add to this part, I was born on Friday 13th. On this day our local area came down with a severe thunderstorm which caused damage at the hospital I was being born at and causing them to lose power. Prior to my birth lightning struck a tree in the front of the hospital setting it a flame which did not seem to be put out by the rain. The tree stayed a blaze and the rain came down heavy up until the point of my birth. Minutes after I was born the storm calmed and the tree was finally put out. This is no exaggeration by the way lol the first time my parents told me this I swore I was born a Damian lol. So this was a little bit about me and I hope you all enjoyed the read and didn’t get bored with my rambling. Love you all and look forward to many more days with you amazing people.

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