Creature Feature Faust41

I’m Faust, I’m an old fart at 41. I live in AZ originally from IL. I started streaming for a friend that can’t game anymore because she’s losing the use of her fingers. I met the horde on Mixer when I was looking for Friday the 13th and that’s when I seen RAH. In my spare time I’m watching horror, sci-fi/fantasy movies and tv. Spending time with my 2 cats and dog (currently looking for another), reading books, my collection of comics and collecting records, I currently have over 600 right now. I’ve been into the old stop motion fx, make-up and practical fx since I was a kid. Also dabbled in some photography. I’m basically a variety streamer, but I love the horror genre. I also play FPS’s, RPG’s, Survivals, some racing retro/classic games. I play pretty much anything that tickles the giggle berries. I do plan on using a cam at some point. I don’t really have a schedule and probably should make one lol. I’m pretty shy and quiet, and like my friend I’m disabled which effects my memory and health. I’m always down to game if I have it, I’m always behind everyone else. Some of my fav games are Gears of War series, Assassins Creed, Resident Evil, Dead Space, Darksiders, Tomb Raider, Dead Rising and a lot more.

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