Creature Feature EveXBrutal

Hello!, EveXBrutal speaking! My name is Eve and i’m a 30 y/o geeky and spooky lady. I have been with the Horde now for a couple of months now and also got the super awesome privilege of working with the Crypt Keepers for a bit until life got in the way of it. Streaming has been on a down low as of a couple of months due to real life obligations, but I do still spend way too much time gaming, watching series or the movies RAH shows on CCOH. My favorite games are the ones that can really scare you or have you biting your lip trying to survive.

IRL I am a stay at home mom to a wonderful 6 year old with another little miracle on the way! I live in a small little country called Belgium in a city called Antwerp. I mostly spend my days watching serial killer documentaries or series about the supernatural or occult and blabber about it to my partner in crime of 7 years. Thank you for reading a little about me and my life!

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