Creature Feature ErraticAgent34

Hey Horde! ErraticAgent34 here, but you can call me Erratic. I’m a variety streamer that leans more towards the horror and spooky side of gaming. I’m born and raised in the New England area of the United States where I live with my wife and our cat.

I’ve been gaming since the Nintendo and Sega days (even though I claim to be bad at video games). But, I feel that I really started getting into gaming when the Xbox released with the Halo series. If you are hanging around my stream with my community, The Agency, you can usually find us on some Killing Floor 2, Dead By Daylight or Friday the 13th . My favorite gaming franchises include Borderlands, Left 4 Dead, THPS and Halo but I’m sure I’m forgetting so many other quality games.

I’m a fan of anything and everything horror, my t-shirt and film collection can attest to that! I grew up a fan of 90’s of So-Cal punk rock and enjoy talking about music, beer and wrestling. When I’m not streaming, you can usually find me at a gaming convention, enjoying a good book (more than likely a Stephen King novel) and playing some board games with friends and family.

Thanks for taking some time to get to know me a little better. I love being part of The Horde and I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you better!

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