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Hello all, I am Crazdwriter- the crazy writing mom who has two amazing rainbow babies and four sweet angel babies. My husband and I have been married 13 years but together on and off since HS. He is my first boyfriend, my first kiss, and my first true love. I love to travel with my husband and our oldest and cannot wait for when we can travel again, showing our youngest more than just our house and the stores.

I love to write, creating mystical, beautiful, and most times terrifying worlds to immerse people in and I hope to one day become published so that I can place people into my world. I have a blog where I post both fiction and nonfiction blogs to help my always creating mind calm down while I work on becoming published.

I also make jewelry and do some wood burning when I can. I am also now obsessed with doing diamond paintings which is just putting pretty sparkling “diamonds” on a picture to make it pop more. I do this with the hubby at night after the girls go to bed as our me time.

I love to walk and go for hikes with my family and can’t wait to take more hikes. I am a lover of all things horror even though I usually have to watch horror movies alone. But writing horror brings me great joy even though I am a nice person. I swear I am!

I am truly blessed to have found ReAnimateHer and the Horde. You all are such amazing people and I truly feel like I am at home whenever I am with you all in Stream. Thank you for accepting me and making me feel like I belong.

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