Content Creation 101

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If you are interested in becoming a Content Creator or you have been in the game for a while and just want to know more then you have found the right page! I will be hosting a weekly web series on YouTube where I discuss all things Content Creation.

I always feel there is more to learn as we go and we never stop learning as creators. When I first started content creation or streaming there was no help, no book or guide on how to stream. I used Google and YouTube to start off which gave me the basics to get started. I had no idea what equipment to be using, sites anything. As I went on my adventure of streaming I started to meet other people who had more experience in this field and was learning what they had to teach me.

I am now in an area of my career where I feel I can help others out. Help others learn what equipment is needed, what sites we use, how we use them, social media & marketing. If you are interested in joining this class just make sure you Subscribe, Like & Turn on Notifications on YouTube to be notified when the first Class drops.

Also if you are not apart of the Discord or the Forums(soon to be) then you will be missing out on networking and meeting others in the industry. You can check out some of my other videos as well or check out my Blog.