What the heck are these Brains I keep seeing in Chat?

Brains are our point system or in stream currency. Her_Zombie our awesome bot keeps track of all your brains.

How do I get brains?
  • You get 5 brains for every 30 minutes that you have the stream open while it’s live.zombies,zombie,undead,brain,brains,mixer
  • Follow Bonus: 200 brains
  • Donation Bonus: 400 brains (multiply by $ donated)
  • Subscribe Bonus: 500 brains ( Upon subscribing the the channel)
  • Active User Bonus: 30 brains
  • Regular Bonus: 60 brains
  • Subscribe Bonus: 300 brains
  • Mod Bonus: 200 brains
Can I play in stream game to gain brains?

For sure you can! There are numerous games that can be played in the stream to obtain more brains. We have !rr, !heist, !spin, roulette. The games are on a cool down but Her_Zombie will let you know when you can start another round.

Are there additional ways to obtain brains?

You bet your sweet brain there is! Here are a few more ways you can obtain those precious brains:

  • Tweet out stream using #RahHorde and let me or one of my mods know you tweeted.
  • Raiding with me in others streams
  • Give-aways I do brain give-aways in every stream
What is the point of collecting these brains?

It is just a fun way to say Thank you for hanging out with me! You are able to spend these brains at the brain store. The Brain Store is a google document that you can use to shop. To Redeem these brains you must either go into Discord or DM me on Twitter. You can also contact me here for any questions.

In Discord we have a channel called #Brain-Redemption this is where you will add what you want and if there is an amount you would put the quantity.

Brains will reset for everyone on December 31, 2018