Are Horror Movies Bad for You?

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As my title states are horror movies bad for you? This topic comes up quite a bit among fans and non fans of Horror. As someone who has started watching horror at a very young age in my opinion I do not feel watching these types of films hinders me in anyway. Nor have any of these films influenced my life to where I want to go out and commit crimes or murder. This topic has always interested me but never really had the time or the people to discuss it with. So in this blog today I am going to chat about it and talk about some of the information that I have throughout the years. I do hope you enjoy!!

There is something magical about watching horror movies, how we can experience feelings like fear, stress, sorrow and shock. I think we like Horror movies because most of the time the images that we are watching are fake and we are also safe and warm in the comfort of our home or theatre.

Can Horror Movies effect your Mental Health?

Thoughts and feelings and increase your anxiety or panic. For most people with anxiety horror movies do not normally make this an issue. Do you have anxiety and if so has a horror movie effected you in any way? I would love to know in the comments.

I know from personal experience that the excited response or adrenaline that rushes through you when watching a scene. Horror or really any film can cause a person not to be able to sleep at night. Some of these horrific images can disturb our sleep pattern as well. Nightmare and night terrors are a real thing many humans suffer from. There have been plenty of nights after watching a great flick I had to much adrenaline to sleep lol. There have been plenty of times I faced off with Jason or Freddy in my dreams. Ha even sometimes I am the villain going after people who pissed me off earlier in the day. If you are worried about horror effecting your mental health I would try something that is more gentle. I will have a list of films that are good for those of us with anxiety to watch.

The positive effects of Horror Movies

Having been exposed to such films I feel allow us the opportunity to confront our fears in a safe environment. I would think it is like having some kind of “exposure therapy” which helps us with some of our fears. Some of these films can help us with our own confidence with dealing with stress. Horror shows us we can have numerous emotions and feelings and still be able to keep in control. Not only does it help us learn to cope with certain feelings but it can also give you ideas for creativity.

In closing I find that horror effects people differently and if you are willing to give horror movies a try I think that is great. I also feel that when children watch horror it helps them learn and cope with fear & death. Of course having a child at a young age watch movies that are not age appropriate can cause some damage just like anything else in life. My next blog will be about Horror Movies for Children.

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