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Creature Feature

Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Oh My! Hello My Undead Friends, You can call me Ryan, or goKlepto, I’ll answer to both! (and no, I do not go around stealing stuff)

Most of you know Daithi, he’s my better half, and without his encouragement, I probably would have never joined Mixer and found ReAnimateHer and the Super Awesome Horde of Undead Friends that I have come to love!Β  READ MORE

The Horde Elite

What is this Horde Elite? The Horde Elite is made up of amazing people who help support ReAnimateHer on a monthly or yearly subscription. If you would like to gain access to some of the most exclusive content made by ReAnimateHer then you might want to stop by her Patreon Page!

Just a small taste of some of the perks you can receive:

  • Behind the scenes (Gain access to behind the scene bloopers & more!)
  • At home drive-in (Watch horror movies with other members in a private live stream)
  • Merch discounts
  • Name in credits and more!
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