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RAH Quarterly/Holiday Loot Boxes

So you want to become a Horde Elite? This is where you will learn How To Become Horde Elite.

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Want some cool Rewards & Perks? Sure you do and I guess you want to know some of the awesome spooky perks you will receive for becoming a sponsor!

Awesome Spooky Perks: 

Forms of Sponsorship:

:bat: Mixer Monthly (via Mixer)

:bat: Patreon

:heart:All forms of Sponsorship have similar perks except for Chat Emotes which is Mixer only*

Horde Elite Perks:

  • Chat Emotes (Mixer)
  • Name on Coffin (On stream or Video)
  • Priority Gaming
  • Discord Role
  • Merch Coupons
  • Social Shout-Outs
  • Discord Game Night
  • Sub ONLY Give-aways

3 Months Sponsorship

  • Sub ONLY Stickers
  • Bornday Card
  • Holiday Card
  • Coffee Chat

6 Months Plus Sponsorship

  • RAH Loot Boxes (Quarterly)
  • 1 on 1 Video Chats

There are many many spooky perks that you shall receive for your monthly support.  Please check out my Patreon Page for awesome perks!

You will also get my undying gratitude for believing in me and my dream!!

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