About Me, ReAnimateHer as Death Cosplay by Neil Gaiman

Name: Kat

Location: Canada

Stream Type: Horror Variety

Teams: Mixer Partner

Where I Stream: www.mixer.com/ReAnimateHer


Who are you?

Mother, Wife, Gaming Enthusiast and Zombie Queen! I have a love of video games and have been gaming since before 1985 ( kinda gives away my age LOL) I am a mom and a grandma (What?? you don’t look THAT old!) lol welp yeah. I have a very supportive man that we call The Man. He understands my addiction to gaming and fully has my back when it comes for streaming, a gal could not ask for more!

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I also have 5  furrbabies 4 kitties and 1 chihuahua named Chico. Mr. Chico always hangs out with me on the regular and when I stream he has his very own webcam. He will game with me, stream with me and just all around hang out and have fun in stream.

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I really enjoy Horror, Thriller and Action movies but my go to is 1980’s Horror those movies are classics and they just do not make them like they used too. I am a Xbox Insider in the Alpha Tier and a Xbox Ambassador. No I do not work for Microsoft but I do volunteer to help other Xbox One gamers out when they are in need.

Console hoarder who is looking to own every console ever made. I own every Playstation that has been made and started out my adult gaming on the original Playstation. I currently game on Xbox One and a beautiful PC Rig custom built.

What Games Do You Play?

I play numerous games but I do really enjoy horror related games. I am currently gaming and streaming Friday the 13th, Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor 2 and Outlast 2 but I do play many other genres of games. Some of the genres I like are FPS & RPG which include Destiny 1 & 2, Titanfall 1& 2, Overwatch, Skyforge and NeverWinter.

Some of the PC games I play are: Overwatch, WoW, Typing of the Dead, Fortnite but I am truly addicted to my Xbox One.

I am always down to try out new forms of games when they are released. I am also a tester for a few gaming companies which is a lot of fun but it is free work and it is a ton of fun!

What inspired you to stream?

I was watching a few streamers on Twitch back in 2016 and I thought to myself that this is something that looks like a lot of fun. My only issue was is that I had anxiety about streaming. I talk funny because of a speech impediment and was pretty self conscious about it. But I decided to put my big girl under-roos on and decided to do my first stream in December 2016 on Twitch.

Before I stream I started to do some breathing exercises as my anxiety was getting to me about being on screen in front of strangers. All my life I have always been afraid to speak to the public or be in front of people. Streaming has helped me grow in so many ways. When I started on Twitch I have very little views which helped me learn to cope with being in the spot light. Talking to myself to keep the chat room active came easy as I talk to myself quite often (lol). To help maintain a control on my anxiety I learned several breathing techniques to do right before I started my stream. I would do about 30 minutes of breathing then go live which helped me out tremendously.

After a bit of time on Twitch and streaming straight from my Xbox One I heard that the Alpha Tier of Xbox Insiders will be getting to test out this new broadcasting platform called Beam (which is meow Mixer). So I got really excited and went to Beam and made my account. I got to know the platform and some of the amazing streamers of Beam. On February 14, 2017 I did my very first stream on Beam and it was fantastic! I quickly found myself loving streaming on this platform and made the switch over to Beam right away.

Beam turned into Mixer back in the early months of 2017 and it is a wonderful platform! I have been streaming on this platform for a year and I have made many leaps and bounds. Not only did I manage to build a great PC, but I met some amazing people and have a wonderful community called the Rah Horde. These people are amazing and I am very thankful to be able to call them my family.

I am now currently a Mixer Partner I became an official Partner of Mixer on February 9, 2018 so I am still in the infant stage of my partnership but I LOVE IT!!

What Do You Do Outside of Streaming?

Currently I am a full-time Mother and a full-time streamer. I have been unemployed for quite some time right meow due to a lack of work in my Province. I am still always looking for employment but I am working towards on making streaming my career.

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get where I want to be and I am up for the challenge! If you would like to help support me and my endevour to become a full-time streamer as a career you can do so by becoming a Sponsor