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Evil Dead Horror

Welcome to RAH’s Horror & Game Review Blog!

Looking for some great horror movies to watch? Maybe your itching for a new horror game? Or want to hear about RAH’s tops picks? or just want to read some gorey stuff this is the right place for you.

Every week I will write a horror blog that will contain horror best, worst and funny movies of all times. I will also be adding my favourite and hated movies of all time. This will also be a place to talk about upcoming horror games and what I think of them.

I will be also be adding on a bi-weekly basis a game review on the current horror games I am playing. I will also be reviewing horror games that I have received keys for by the developers. If there is a game you would like to see reviewed or if you are interested in having your game reviewed please feel free to Contact Me.

If there is a horror movie you would like to see a review, game or just want to talk about please leave a comment for me and I will get it into a blog! I do hope you enjoy and have a scaretastic time visiting my Blog.

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